Christmas is less than three weeks away, and we'll all be celebrating by unwrapping gifts from underneath the tree and enjoying the company of our family and friends.

Have you finished your wishlist yet for what you want this holiday season? Well let me put a different spin on this years "list" for you. And it has to do with the city of Fort Collins.

If you could put together a wishlist for the city of Fort Collins where you could bring any past business "back from the dead", which business would it be? We're talking about restaurants...stores...etc.

To get you started, I've started my own wishlist and then you can tell us below what businesses you would add to the list...and if you agree with my selections below.

Ready...Set...GO!! And Merry Christmas!


  • Credit: Cat McClintock - Lost Fort Collins
    Credit: Cat McClintock - Lost Fort Collins

    Mervyns - Foothills Mall

    The old Mervyn's Department Store was at the old Foothills Mall in 2005, and left 75000 square feet empty. Did you used to shop at Mervyns? The store carried national brands of clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, electronics, and housewares and was well known across Northern Colorado.

    Supposedly, the previous owners would like to bring Mervyn's back as an online only retailer. But they said that six years ago. And still, nothing exists. My guess is that if you have this as your wish, it isn't going to happen.

  • Credit: Blind Bat News
    Credit: Blind Bat News


    ShopKo had stores in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Longmont. When they left Northern Colorado, there definitely were many people who were upset with the decision. The economy was the reason given for the store's closure in 2005.

    The Fort Collins location was quickly picked up by JCPenney, who left the Foothills Mall after occupying the space there for many years.

    Would you have ShopKo on your wish list?

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    While it hasn't been announced that Sears will not be coming back to the Foothills Mall, we also haven't heard any good news concerning it's re-arrival in the city.

    When it comes down to it, you have a better chance of Sears making a comeback in Fort Collins than you do Mervyn's or if you have this on your wish list it may just come true.

  • Credit: Yelp
    Credit: Yelp

    Stein Mart

    2003 was the beginning of the end of Stein Mart in Fort Collins. Stein Mart sells clothing for men, women and children, accessories and home décor items.

    The company listed the Fort Collins location, along with others in Colorado, as underperforming and closed the stores to focus on opening profitable stores across the country.

    Stein Mart is still open nationwide.

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Bennigans Restaurant

    All I need to say is Bennigans...Mmmmm....

    And a nice warm Monte Cristo sandwich....


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