Fort Collins Police responded an adorable situation when a six-year-old girl's stuffed animal sustained an injury leading to call 911.

When she didn't speak to dispatchers because she had hung up quickly, police went to the home to check on the situation.

Everyone was fine, except for the stuffed bunny. So, responding officers patched up the bunny.

Fort Collins Police went to Facebook to post about what happened and gave a few 911 tips:

📱 If you have an old device that your kids use for games or videos, make sure to put it in airplane mode to avoid accidental 911 calls. If they need wifi to access content, know that emergency calls can still be made.

📱 Talk to your family about when and how to call for help if it's truly needed.

📱 If someone does accidentally call 911, don't just hang up - stay on the line and let the Dispatcher know. We take every call seriously, including hangups, so please help us out and let us know if you call by mistake.

Fort Collins Police also posted to Facebook as a disclaimer: "not all officers are equipped with the same rabbit repair skills, so please do not call police for furmergencies. If your stuffed animal is having difficulties, we'd advise consulting someone with sewing experience. If your actual animal is having a medical issue, please contact a veterinarian."

Call 911 if you or another person is in immediate danger. For a non-emergency situation, call 970-419-FCPD.

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