Is it just me, or is cell phone reception in Fort Collins, Colorado, horrible? I recently went to Old Town with my girlfriend, and we split up for about 30 minutes to go to different stores.

I wanted to go to All Sales Vinyl, and she wanted to go to Ragstock. We said we would call each other to meet up after we were done.

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I finished shopping, bought Zach Bryan's new self-titled album, and went to call her. The call failed. I tried a few more times and had no luck.

Then texting was not working. We ended up finding each other, but it took over an hour to find each other.

I Thought It Was Just My Phone, But I Was Wrong


I am not the only person to deal with this issue. I went to Reddit to find some answers. It turns out nearly everybody has this issue regardless of the carrier they have.

Some people blamed the quickly rising Northern Colorado population, others blamed the lack of Fort Collins cell phone towers, and many blamed the lack of public WiFi.

The Main Cause of Poor Cell Phone Reception in Fort Collins


The biggest issue is being able to add new towers. According to city land codes, towers cannot be taller than 50 feet.

There Are Plans To Improve the Cell Phone Towers


CBS reported back in January that Fort Collins is going to relax those zoning codes due to high public demand.

CBS did not report an exact date on when we could see better cell reception. However, they predicted it would happen within the next few years.

The lack of decent cell phone coverage was considered a public safety issue.

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