It is no secret that Colorado loves craft beer. With the number of craft breweries scattered across the state, you could make it your life's effort to try a beer from every brewery and taste Colorado brews daily for years and not have the same beer twice.

Fort Collins has long been one of those cities known for its love of beer. New Belgium Brewing and Odell Brewing have played major roles in shaping the craft beer scene in Colorado and nationwide for many years.

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Currently, the city of Fort Collins has a total of two dozen breweries within the city limits according to Needless to say, the craft beer culture is strong in the Choice City. So, it is not surprising to see that an entire neighborhood in Fort Collins has street names paying homage to craft beers.

Located just north of Mulberry Steet and west of South Timberline Road, there is a small neighborhood with beer-themed streets. These are the street names that make up the beeriest neighborhood in Fort Collins.

  • Lager Street
  • Stout Street
  • Lambic Street
  • Bock Street
  • Mackinac Street
  • Dunkel Street
  • Trappist Street
  • Saison Street
  • Pilsner Street
  • Pale Ale Street
  • Sour Street
  • Shandy Street
  • Pint Street

If you are a lover of beer and want to live in this neighborhood, there is good news for you. There are currently three homes for sale in this neighborhood and the three homes range from $545K up to $589K. The cheapest home in the beer-themed neighborhood is located on Saison Street and listed for $545K. Another home located on Saison Street is listed for $575k, and the most expensive home in the beer-themed neighborhood is selling at $589k on Stout Street.

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