When you think of Peyton Manning, you think of a lot of things. Football player, quarterback, smart, winner, consistent, hard-working, funny, entertaining and likable are just a few of the adjectives to describe the man,

Another one would be toughness. Even behind all of the "ah shucks" fun-loving guy we see on TV and in commercials, Manning was a tough customer in more ways than one with this durability on the field. His comeback after a serious neck injury pretty much ended his career in Indianapolis (Thanks, Colts) and could have very quickly ended his NFL career.

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Peyton Manning "Navy Seal," however, is not even in the realm of something that I would think of when I think of the former Broncos quarterback but after yesterday, I still feel the same way but a little less.

Manning, the 46-year-old retired signal caller, was flying a mile high when he joined the Patriot Parachute Team as part of the Navy Seals. Peyton had this to say before jumping out of an airplane for the first time in his life:

“I’m honored to be here in support of the Navy Seals Foundation,” the Hall of Fame QB said, strapped in for his tandem jump. “It’s my first time. I’m a little nervous. I feel like I’m in — let me say, I know I’m with some real pros in this.”


Incredible. Just watching the video is giving me an adrenaline rush. One can only imagine the feeling of anticipation and nerves as that plane door opens and the moment you jump out of the plane, along with the feeling of flying.

So does that mean I'll be trying this soon? Oh, hell no, but well done, Peyton.

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