Colorado has *finally* seemed to decide that spring and summer are worth bringing around, and boy, did summer come and smack us right in the mouth.

One city in Colorado received a special heat smackdown. For eight days straight, this city set a new daily record high in comparison to the same period in years past.

A few other Colorado cities broke records last week as well. Last Friday, Colorado Springs set a new record high for May of 86 degrees, and last Thursday Pueblo set one at 94 degrees.

According to the Denver Post, Klint Skelly, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Pueblo, believes the consecutive record high temperatures for Alamosa can be partially credited to the persistent warm wind pattern in the area.

Something you may not know is that Alamosa’s official climatological record dates back to 1943. That list is much shorter than other Colorado cities like Denver, where records date back to 1872, making it more likely for the city to set daily records with the limited records that they have.

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