This weekend, my wife and I celebrate our 22nd Wedding Anniversary. Jenny is a woman I could not live without. Without her, I would dry up and die. I love her so much She is my biggest supporter, my inspiration and I could not do my job without her. She is my photographer and videographer for most of my blogs your see at She also stars in a bunch of videos. Watch my 5 favorites below:

5. Jenny Packs Todd Healthy Snacks

I need to lose some weight, so I am using the basic principal, “Eat less and move more.” I have also been trying to eat healthier. My wife, Jenny is helping me with that. by packing healthy snacks, so I won’t eat junk food at work. See what goes in my bag on an average day.

4.. Two Ways to Peel a Boiled Egg in Less Than 5 Seconds

My wife and I love deviled eggs. It’s one of our favorite things to take to a party, but I don’t like to peel all of those eggs, which is usually my job. After 50 years on this Earth, we finally found out how to peel boiled eggs fast.

3. Todd & His Wife Set Up Their Pop-Up Camper in 34 Seconds

My wife, Jenny, and I love to go camping in our 16-year-old Rockwood Pop-Up Camper. Recently we set up camp in Tunnel Campground in the Roosevelt National Forest. We decided to see how fast we could set everything up. With the help of a little time lapse photography, we did it in just 34 seconds

2. Todd's Wife Tries to Fill Inflatable Lay Bag

I’m sure you have seen the commercials for the Lay Bag™ on TV. Unfortunately, my wife saw it and made the purchase. Supposedly, a couple passes through the air and this thing fills up with air and you have an instant easy chair, no matter where you are. Watch Jenny's attempt to fill the Lay Bag. This is not always as easy as it seems.

1. What Does Jenny Keep in Her Bra?

My wife doesn’t like to carry a purse, so she finds creative ways of taking things with her, because she doesn’t always have pockets either. Jenny stuffs things in her bra, and not because she needs the stuffing. I call it her burse or bra/purse.

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