My wife uses a lot of lip balm. We have a few dozen tubes in our house. I always carry lip balm in my pocket, mostly for when my wife needs it. I would consider Jenny a lip balm expert. Both she and I recently were introduced to a lip balm that we consider the "best in the World".  My wife explains in this YouTube video which one we picked, her favorite, and why:

So, there you have it! The best lip balm in the World, according to Jenny and me is made by a Northern Colorado entrepreneur under the named Scentual Products.

Jenny with her favorite lip balm
Todd Harding, TSM

Drew explains how he came up with product:

This is how it began. My wife spoke these words and I set out to find a solution. I started with a basic lip balm formula and after a thumbs down, started studying the properties of oils, waxes and scents. I mixed and poured and tried again and again. "Too sticky..."  "Too soft..."

Finally, after three months of trial and error, I gave her a tube of peppermint. She tried it and smiled. "Perfect!" she said. (And peppermint has been her favorite ever since!) I expanded the formula from 3 tubes to 50 tubes and the results were the same. Still perfect.


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