My wife, Jenny, and I love Christmas. It is definitely our favorite holiday. Over the years Jenny has accumulated an impressive collection of Christmas sweaters. She had the idea of wearing a different holiday sweater during each day at work during the month of December. She works at CSU and every day she would have dozens of people stop by her office to see what she was wearing.

I had her try on each sweater and I filmed a short clip of each offering. Our YouTube video turned out really cute. Check out all 20 of Jenny's Christmas sweaters.

I took photos of each of the sweaters as well. My favorite is either the Llama or the truck with the the Christmas tree in the bed. What do you think?

Thank you to my lovely wife for being such a good sport. Whenever I have a silly idea, she is more than happy to help. Most of the time she is the one who comes up with the best ideas. I love this woman.


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