My wife always packs my lunch for me. I know it seems old-fashioned, but if I packed it myself I would end up with Pop Tarts, Doritos, and Slim Jims. Honestly, she does it for my health. This morning she packed fresh strawberries and I love that smell. It just makes me happy. It got me to thinking about my favorite smell and a couple of them just don't make sense.

Farmers Plant Corn
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I love the smell of freshly turned soil. It doesn't matter if it is in the garden or a newly plowed field, I can't get enough of it. It is one of the things I loved about living on a farm when I was a kid. The ironic thing is I never really liked to get my hands dirty. It's one of the reasons I ended up in radio. I didn't want to have to work as hard as my Dad did on the farm all of his life, but I did like the smell of the dirt.

Luke's Diner at Coffee Depot
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I don't even like coffee. I rarely drink it. I guess I never acquired the taste. However, I love the smell. I really do. I will go to a coffee shop for a hot chocolate or a pastry just because I enjoy the smell so much. For some reason, it is a very comforting smell. Maybe it reminds me of Grandma's house.

Serving Strawberries
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Fresh Strawberries

This is what started the whole thing for me this morning when my wife put fresh strawberries in my lunch. Please don't think I am a weirdo, but I just kept sniffing them. They smelled so good. Strawberries make me happy. There is probably something to that, but I don't know what it is.

Super Bowl Bread
Kyla Flaa, TSM

Fresh Baked...Cookie, Brownies, Bread

This one is wide open. I loved the smell of just about anything that baked in the oven. I love cookies. I love cake. I love pie. I love brownies. I love fresh baked bread and I love the smell of all of them when they are cooking in the oven. My entire top 5 could have been baked goods.

Brian Gary, TSM


And now for the biggest no-brainer of all. I don't know when my love affair with bacon started, but I think I have have been in love all of my life. The smell of bacon cooking is Heavenly. I would kind of like to think that Heaven smells a little like bacon. It has to be about the best smell in in the World.

Honorable mention

Flowers are nice too.






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