My in-laws moved out of their house in Fort Collins after living there for 43 years. They bought a beautiful house by a lake in Loveland. The main reasons they moved after 4 decades, was the yard got to be to much for them to take care of and neither of my wife's parents do well on the steep staircase anymore.

Last night my wife, Jenny, and I joined her Mom and Dad for one last dinner at the house. We sat around the table under the gazebo in the back yard and swapped memories about the last 30 years or so. We remembered the numerous parties, two weddings, and dozens of Easter egg hunts we held in the back yard. How many Christmas mornings did we spend in that house or Thanksgiving dinners? We hosted many many guests from different countries at that house that Jenny worked with at CSU. I recalled the night I sat in my truck in front of the house and asked my wife to marry me 24 years ago.

Todd and Jenny Harding's Wedding
Brook Pilkington

We are all starting a new chapter. We will all miss the house on Parkview Drive, but I know we will make many new memories in the new house as well.



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