The Buc-ee’s hype train continues to roar in Colorado. Ever since Buc-ee’s opened in Johnstown it has been one of the most busy stores in Colorado. Will the traffic and madness end soon?

Probably not. I honestly believed that the excitement would have calmed down, but to my surprise, the gas station is still packed daily.

Would you consider Buc-ee’s to be a romantic place? I wouldn’t. A Colorado couple sparked a debate online after posting a photo in a Buc-ee’s Johnstown Facebook group.

Proposal Sparks Conversation

Dave Jensen/TSM
Dave Jensen/TSM

Angie Howell of Windsor posted a photo on both her Facebook page and Facebook groups in front of the Buc-ee’s truck filled with stuffed beavers. The truck is located at the front of the Buc-ee’s themed merchandise.

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Her partner is on one knee and she said he proposed. Is Buc-ee’s a good place to propose at? I think it would be hilarious and memorable. Then again, that is probably a clear reason why I have never been married or engaged.

Many people were quick to say congratulations, but others were judgmental as well.

Johnstown Buc-ee’s Proposal: Was It Real?

I reached out to Angie on Facebook because I was under the assumption that it was a real engagement.

Angie told me that it was an April Fool’s Day joke that took a life of its own.

…this was an unplanned April Fool’s joke to punk three of my gal pals who know how irritable I get about the whole Buc-ee’s thing. It has, however, taken on a life of its own in the past 24 hours.
Funny thing is my BF and I actually did look at rings two days before. But the
Buc-ee’s proposal, while hilarious, was a joke.
So a funny story in itself considering the many, many congratulations we have received and the fact that very few got the April Fool’s joke.

So yes, it was a joke.

About Angie Howell

Angie Howell of Windsor is an inspirational speaker and an author. And definitely, somebody who did not get engaged at Buc-ee’s. You can learn more about her on her Facebook page and Instagram. Her book "Jewel of Heaven" is out now.

Well done, Angie. That was an awesome April Fool’s Day prank.

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