Now that the first Buc-ee's in Colorado is open, it's a big deal to a lot of people. Myself included. Before the opening of Johnstown's Buc-ee's, I have never visited the super-sized gas station. I heard the lore of the beaver-branded snacks and couldn't wait to try them myself.

We all knew the opening of Colorado's first Buc-ee's location was going to be an event. People from hundreds of miles away came to see what the fuss was all about and to spend some serious cash on merch, snacks, and food.

The first-weekend Buc-ee's was open, the off-ramps on Interstate 25 in Johnstown were a mess. Lines of dozens of cars were spotted by many people. With this many cars waiting just to get off the interstate, you can only imagine how wild the Buc-ee's parking lot was going to be. While the parking lot of Buc-ee's can fit many cars, I don't think the road infrastructure in Johnstown was quite prepared for the masses.

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Buc-ee's has so much of a following that there is a fan page on Facebook dedicated to the Johnstown store. There are dozens of posts daily discussing the happenings at the gas station and some great photos too. One of the members of the fan page posted a couple of videos of the Buc-ee's parking lot showing how many cars come and go throughout the timelapse. These are the videos shared by Dan Monares showing cars marching in and out of the Buc-ee's in Johnstown like ants on the ground during a summer's day in Northern Colorado.

The next timelapse video is my favorite of the bunch. This timelapse video taken by drone was after the sun went down and you can see the cars filtering in from Northbound Interstate 25 and through the roundabout.

The post with all of the videos can be seen on the Buc-ee's Johnstown 2024 Fan Page on Facebook.

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