Cold weather is here in Colorado. Like everybody else, my gas and energy bill is a lot more expensive. My gas and energy bills have actually doubled in the past three months.

That is not a huge surprise. It happens every year.

As we trek into 2024 our utilities may look different no matter what time of year it is. Here is why.

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Clean Energy Plan Leads to More Expenses


According to the Colorado Sun, Xcel Energy is pitching a new clean energy plan. This is great for the environment, but it comes with a cost. Xcel has roughly 1.5 million natural gas customers across the state of Colorado. If this passes, you should anticipate to have a higher bill every month.

The clean energy plan will cost $15 billion. The Colorado Sun says that Xcel pitched a similar plan in 2021, but there was a major difference. The plan in 2021 was half the cost of the new one.

A decision will be made by the end of the year whether or not this plan will move forward.

Your Bill Has Already Been Rising


Back in September, Xcel raised its rates by 4.4%. Back in 2022, the rates went up as well.

We are continuing to see the prices rise: when will it stop?

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We predict that the prices will not plateau or go down anytime soon. As I mentioned earlier, this energy bill will cost $15 billion. That money has to come from somewhere.

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