Thanks to high winds, this was a perilous day on Wyoming highways. A driver shared video of a semi that was blown over on Wyoming highway 85. If you watch closely, this was a very close call for more than one reason.

This video was shared today by Beth Hall on Wyoming highway 85. As the wind begins to cause the semi in front of Beth to blow over, watch the right side of the road for another semi that had blown over earlier in the day.

As Beth mentioned on her video share, neither driver was injured thanks to quick help at the scene.

We shared earlier today that many parts of Wyoming saw wind gusts that were of category 1 hurricane strength with at least one gust registering 87 mph.

I-25 northbound was closed for a brief time today after a semi blew over on an overpass. The interstate was reopened after about a 4 to 6 hour closure according to reports.

It's a windy time of year in our already windy state. Unfortunately, we're likely to see more near misses like this one in the days ahead.

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