So, you want to have deep fried turkey this Thanksgiving?

William Shatner understands completely.

It's so tasty.... so moist.

Some oil, some heat.. a dingle-dangle... it's so EASY.

Hold on there, Captain Kirk...

Watch this informative and funny PSA from State Farm Insurance and Bill.

Shatner Patio

I, myself, have never tried deep fried turkey.  I wouldn't know the first thing about cooking it or how good it tastes. However, you probably know lots of people who, if not actually DO deep fry their turkey, they want to at least give it a shot once.

That's where this Public Service Announcement from State Farm comes along.

And who better to be the spokesperson -than Wiliam Shatner.  He LOVES to be campy and goofy.


Here we go!

"I was young and arrogant.."

I love it!

And the trash guy at the end- "Hey! It's even got the dingle-dangle!"

I see it as a holiday classic- this may end up there with The Peanuts specials!

At the very least- I rank this video up there with State Farm's Aaron Rodgers spot:

Happy Turkey Day!

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