Weekends are a time to unwind and have fun. Leave the crap from the work week behind and just do you and be you.

Long holiday weekends are even better and that's exactly what we had this past weekend with Thanksgiving and all of the wonderful things that go along with it.

For me, it was about the food (duh of course) a little shopping, some sports both indoors and outdoors and some quality time with my family.

Hopefully, your weekend brought you some rest, relaxation, and some good times as well.

Let's start with the food. My wife whipped up a fantastic feast (as she always does) which I take very little credit for because the most important job for me when it comes to prepping and delivering a great Thanksgiving dinner is to simply stay the hell out of the way...so I did and it worked out beautifully.

AJ's Long Thanksgiving Weekend In 10 Pictures


Another fun weekend that brought lots of yummy food, plenty of laughs and memories made...hope you had a great weekend as well and here's to Christmas!




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