A 31-year-old man has died after an incident involving road rage and gunfire occurred on westbound Interstate 70 near North Quebec Street. The incident happened on July 31, at approximately 10:58 p.m.

The victim, Kevin Plaskowski, was pronounced dead due to the shooting according to Denver Police. The driver of the silver Dodge pickup truck is believed to have fired numerous shots into the victim's car before being involved in a multi-vehicle crash. The occupants in the pickup truck fled the scene on foot after the crash. The silver Dodge pickup was confirmed to be stolen by the Denver Police Department.

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One vehicle driving in the same area of the incident had a dash cam in their car and captured the entire incident on video. We want to warn you, that this video could be disturbing to some viewers as it contains gunshots and vehicles crashing.

The incident is now an active homicide investigation. The Denver Police Department is asking anyone who may have information regarding the road rage, turned homicide incident to contact Metro Crime Stoppers at 720-913-7867.

Source: Denver Police Department Twitter - Reddit

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