So I have decided to embark on a new journey, I've recently learned that Tequila has the potential to save the day. Research has shown that it can help diabetics and those wanting to lose weight.

Diet Tequila Helps You Lose Weight, Maybe ThinkStock
Diet Tequila Helps You Lose Weight, Maybe ThinkStock


Okay, let's start this with addressing the elephant in the room first... don't send me H-A-T-E mail claiming that I am promoting alcoholism. This 'blog' is merely in fun and I jest about the potential of going on a Tequila diet because I think that it is funny and there is at least one Coloradan who will read this or the original research paper and think their problems have been solved and they will seriously try something as insane as going on a Tequila diet.

With the disclaimer out of the way and potentially sucking all of the fun out of this, not like sucking the lime after a Tequila shot, but actually just sucking like realizing two miles down the road that Joe Fast Food forgot your french fries AND the straw for your chocolate shake!

Think about the positive notion of Tequila and its sugar, non-sugar properties and what that could potentially mean. In case you haven't heard the story, in short, here it is. Some researchers have concluded that the ingredient Agavins, in the agave plant used to produce Tequila can potentially lower blood sugar and help the obese lose weight. Now, initially studies have only been conducted on mice, but it is believed that Agavins are a 'sugar' that is not absorbed by the body, so they can't and don't elevate blood sugar levels. Along with the great news about sugar absorption, it is also believed that because Agavins are a type of fiber, they can make you feel fuller and reduce appetite.

As you can imagine, they haven't completed their testing the affects on humans and the product, as a sweetener or diet supplement has not yet been developed and not available for consumption. The unavailability of the product has forced me to not-so-seriously consider a Tequila diet.

In looking at a potential Tequila diet, I wonder what the daily meal plan would look like? I would assume that I would start with a lime and a glass of Tequila, hire a driver to get me to work, half of a lime and a sip of Tequila for my mid-morning snack, make sure my driver is available to pick me up after work, for lunch a half of a lime and half of a glass of Tequila, perhaps by now a nap might be in order, see if you can come in and play some music for an hour, afternoon snack would be another half of a lime and a sip of Tequila... at this point I'm off the air (maybe for good) LOL and need to find my driver. I think then I should go home and take another short little nap, wake up long enough to have dinner, a lime and a glass of Tequila and then back to bed-I guess. Too funny, could you imagine... and do you think anyone will actually try it? Probably!

While we wait for the human tests to be completed and a product is available without actually drinking Tequila all day every day till we lose the weight, make sure that when you leave the drive-through lane that Mr. Fast Food hasn't forgotten your french fries and shake straw!

Happy Healthy Life!


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