Todd Wants to Lose Some Weight
Drew Cuthbertson, TSM

I am overweight. It's no accident. I eat too much food that is bad for me and I don't get enough exercise. Coincidentally, my clothes have been shrinking too. I need to do something about it, especially with the Habajeeba Show coming up in January. It really is very simple to lose weight; eat less and move more. I know how to get rid of the weight. I just need to do it.

The problem is, I love food. When I am happy, I eat. When I am sad, I eat. I eat to celebrate. When my wife and I go on vacation, we plan our trips around food and eating. The other problem is that my wife and I are always so busy. When we are at home, I just like to sit in front of the TV. So, I have reluctantly decided to change all of that.

I will start slow with exercise. Even going for a walk is better than sitting. Eventually I will make it back into the gym and will start working out again. I need to eat healthier. I also have to give up a few things that have led to my girth. In the YouTube video below, I officially give up something I least for a little while.

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