There's just something about putting yourself out there to the entire world that feels unbelievably brave to me. Take YouTubers for instance. If you have ever ventured into the comments of a video, you know people can be slightly more than cruel. Especially when they are hiding behind a fake name, no profile picture, and have the worst intentions in mind.

Now some people embrace the hate and insults. I don't think I could ever be like that.  One YouTuber, or should we say... Singer, has quite a few videos on YouTube singing about different towns and cities. He goes by the name, The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities and Towns.

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After doing a little research, I found the guy behind the songs. His name is Matt Farley. says that Farley has released more than 25,000 songs and going by more than 80 pseudonyms.

Matt Farley's name may not be a household name, however, he has been on some very popular television shows such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns, AKA Matt Farley, has shown Northern Colorado some love with his skills. He has written and performed seven songs about our area and even more within the state of Colorado. Take a listen to the song about your town below.

Loveland Always and Forever

Great Song for Greeley

Do You Like This Song About Evans, Colorado?

I Made This Estes Park Excellent Song

Fort Collins Forever!

I Made This Song About Longmont

Johnstown Awesome Song

This is my personal favorite out of the whole catalog about Colorado because I live in Johnstown.

Want more funny Colorado songs from The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities and Towns? You can find the entire playlist on YouTube.

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