Look around... Of course this is a great place to retire!

Retirement. How much have you thought about it? I'm sure you've given plenty of thought to the idea of not working and finally being able to do what you want with your time. However, how much have you thought about location, activities, and where your dollar stretches the furthest?

I've always felt that my last breath would be drawn on a beach somewhere. And the more remote, the better. After all, living rogue on an island probably doesn't cost too much. Of course, there is always the option of retiring in the states.

Recently, WalletHub compiled a list of the top states to retire in across the nation.

Their list comes from analyzing factors that contribute to a successful retirement. Things like affordability, health-related factors, and quality of life. These are the things that can make a state retirement-friendly or not.

Colorado is extremely retirement-friendly.

WalletHub has Colorado in the top 10 on their list at number three. Although Colorado was middle of the pack overall when it comes to affordability, we have high rankings in quality of life and health care. All in all, there's really no reason for us to leave this place.

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