I don’t know about you, but I have noticed way more temporary license plates in Colorado. Temporary tags are everywhere. I just recently had temporary tags because I was getting a new license plate for my vehicle.

That is probably why I am noticing them more. Temporary license plates are a quick fix for when you are in between license plates. However many temporary plates that you have seen could have been fraudulent.

Scam License Plates Hit Colorado


9News has reported that authorities have issued over 1,000 tickets due to fake temporary plates.

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They state that the fake temporary tags have been easy to find online. Some people have unknowingly purchased fake temporary license plates, and others, have bought them on purpose in hopes of not getting caught.

How To Avoid Fraud Plates in Colorado

We would recommend that you only get your temporary, or normal license plates, at your local DMV. Everybody has had a different experience at the DMV, but based on my experience, the DMV workers are exceptionally helpful.

I got my new license plates through the Fort Collins DMV. I did not even need an appointment. You should never go online

9News spoke about the fines you could receive if you are caught with fake tags or license plates.

If you're caught with a fake license plate you will be given a citation, face a class 2 traffic misdemeanor and a conviction may result in a fine, plus court cost, surcharges and a possible jail sentence of 10 to 90 days.- Briana Fernandez

When in doubt, you should go to a local DMV. At least give them a call.

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