One man is dead after a reported attack on an Aurora Police officer's patrol vehicle, stealing it, and leading police on a chase that ended n an officer-involved shooting early Monday morning - an act that Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz believes was attempted murder.

The incident took place at I-225 and Alameda at around 3:43 a.m. with the officer's patrol vehicle being struck from behind with a "sharp object," leading to a 65 mph, 3-mile-long chase.

After the chase, the man got out of the vehicle and was repeatedly told to put his hands up and comply with law enforcement. He was shot by officers after an object was spotted in his right hand. At this point, police are unsure what the object was.

The suspect died at the scene.

The officer involved has serious injuries, including a deep gash on the right side part of his temple. He is expected to survive.

"To be viciously attacked like that in the middle of what would be a Good Samaritan act, it's pretty alarming," said Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz. "I feel comfortable in saying that I believe this was an attempted murder on my officer."

During a press conference, a lietenant with the Major Crimes Unit of the Aurora Police Department said police aren't clear as to why the attack took place, and that the officer that shot the man "simply stopped to render aid when he was attacked."

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