Thirty-four different law enforcement agencies across the state have joined forces, in order to better combat illegal street racing on Colorado roadways.

According to a Colorado State Patrol press release, on April 18, more than 280 citations were issued to drivers engaging in street racing activities. The street racing groups reportedly met in several private parking lots near the Denver metro area, and multiple drivers were issued citations for trespassing after causing damage to the lots. In addition, four individuals were also arrested during the joint operation.

The highest speed that a driver was ticketed for was 108 miles per hour.

The law enforcement agencies involved in the crackdown have been working together on various methods and combining resources to help put a halt to dangerous street racing. Investigations have revealed that other illegal activities are often tied to street racing, and there have even been reports of shots fired during recent events.

Fox 31 Denver noted that officers ran into multiple drivers who had no insurance, were driving on a suspended license, or had expired plates. People were also stopped for improper mufflers.

Not only do street racers put other, innocent driver's lives at risk, but they also run the chance of losing control and possibly injuring or killing themselves. Earlier this month, a woman was killed in downtown Denver after a man who was street racing crashed into her vehicle.

Police warn that those who do engage in racing can face serious penalties, with charges that can result in loss of driving privileges, fines, and jail time.

Should you find yourself in a situation with vehicles racing around you, law enforcement recommends trying to separate yourself and safely moving away from the other cars. Always contact police, and do not try to stop the actions yourself. In addition to calling 911, individuals who witness street racing can report it to Colorado State Patrol by dialing *277 or online via Private property owners who experience illegal meets at their place of business can contact law enforcement to initiate a trespass order.

For those still wanting to let out their lead foot, CSP created the 'Take it to the Track' program at Bandimere Speedway. This positive program allows drivers to safely practice responsible speed in a controlled environment.

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