Winter is here and we have welcomed back one of our favorite times of year - ski season.

Are you looking for some great places to take a break this winter? Our state is rated Top 5 in the nation for outdoor activities, and today we are looking at 15 destinations that are perfect for the coldest time of year.

Is Winter Colorado's Best Season?

The best part about living in Colorado is that any season is the best one for a number of reasons. Winter happens to offer tons of activities and adventures based on just one or two conditions. Those would be that you don't mind the cold or the snow. Below, enjoy 15 winter destinations full of amazing views and activities that you have to see and do at least once.

How Cold Does it Get During the Winter in Colorado?

The higher up you go in Colorado the more winter you'll encounter. Some popular destinations in our state stay snow-covered all year. Daytime highs in Colorado can range from 16 to 50 degrees. Staying active means staying warm so it's easy for enthusiasts to stay out on the ski slopes all day. You won't freeze here having fun. Just play smart.

Put These Places on Your Colorado Winter Bucket List

Watching some of Colorado's beautiful scenic attractions ice over for the winter can be a breathtaking site. From epic ice skating on Evergreen Lake to the Hot Springs in Ouray, we have 15 destinations that you can count on for winter fun even if you can't ski.

15 Incredible Places You Must Visit in Colorado This Winter

Winter in Colorado is one of our favorite seasons. Here are 15 incredible Colorado destinations you must visit if you love getting out in the snow. These places make winter even more fun with their amazing views, cozy vacation rentals, and fun attractions that make you forget all about how freezing cold it can be.

KEEP GOING: 10 Winter Activities in Colorado You'll Actually Want to Do

Need something to get you excited for winter in Colorado? Here are 10 events that will have you ready to bring on the snow.

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