Hitchhikers used to be way more common for people to come across while traveling throughout the country, and even abroad. Nowadays, seeing someone with their thumb sticking out while standing on the side of the road is pretty rare - unless you happen to be driving near a prison or up in Colorado's high country.

Unlike the prison scenario, there's probably no reason to be alarmed to run into a hitchhiker on the roads in Colorado's mountain towns. Most of the time, these individuals are just trying to catch a ride back to their vehicles after a thrilling day of backcountry skiing.


In addition to commercial resorts, there are endless terrain opportunities for experienced skiers and snowboarders in Colorado's backcountry. These "out-of-bounds" areas are unmarked and can be incredibly challenging,  but are also free. You can drop off straight off the road or hike to more difficult terrain to reach the best backcountry opportunities. These spots are called "road shots” and “road laps” because you can hit them directly from the road.

Hitchhiking is also a convenient way for backcountry skiers and snowboarders to get to another destination to drop in.

To get back to their cars, ski bums quite literally need to bum rides too. Fortunately, Coloradans are very kind when it comes to helping out stranded skiers and snowboarders and will often pull over to allow a hitchhiker to hop in the car.

Loveland Pass is considered the most accessible backcountry skiing near Denver for hitchhikers. There are known trailheads in the pass where hitchhikers can meet after their adventure. Smart skiers and snowboarders time their runs and rides with traffic going to or from a resort so that it's easier to catch a ride and avoid getting stuck.

Next time you're driving through the mountains, help a friendly hitchhiker out!

Colorado Ski Resorts' Projected Closing Dates For 2024

If you love to ski, you'll be pleased to know that most of your favorite Colorado ski resorts and slopes will be open well into 2024. One Colorado ski area is expecting to stay open up to June 2, 2024. Imagine that - skiing in June.

Here's a look at the projected 2024 closing dates for several Colorado slopes, as reported by On The Snow. These dates were posted on the morning of February 13, 2024. Please keep in mind, these are projections, and could change on a dime.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

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