Miguel Ramirez Valiente is accused of careless driving with a revoked license after crashing his car into a Colorado Springs father of five.

Sean Buchanan was riding his motorcycle on Highway 83 when Valiente allegedly swerved into his lane, killing him on impact.

Miguel Ramirez Valiente recently made national news for hiding out in a church to avoid a deportation order from the U.S. Government. He said this on CNN "I have always worked hard to support my family and they depend on me."

Miguel Ramirez Valiente speaking in a Colorado Springs church avoiding deportation.
Miguel Ramirez Valiente speaking to the media about why he is hiding out in a church to avoid deportation.

However, locals that have contact with Ramirez tell a much different story. One resident calling him a "alcoholic and abuser." The Denver Channel did some digging on his arrest record and found charges of reckless endangerment and domestic violence. Both cases were dismissed.

He was found guilty of a DUI in 2018 with the judge revoking his drivers license.

A Gofundme account has been set up for the Buchanan family. Donate HERE

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