There's crazy, there's crazier and then there's all sorts of crazy, and THIS guy is the latter of the three.

According KDVR and the Pueblo Police Department, a man was arrested after allegedly trying to take snacks from a downtown hotel, swinging a horseshoe at an employee, damaging property and then trying to microwave a fire extinguisher.


An employee at the hotel said a man was looking at some snacks that were sitting out. After trying to ask the man to pay for the snacks, the employee said the suspect took out a horseshoe and started swinging it at the employee, knocking him in the head. OUCH.

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The suspect then took off through the hotel, losing his shoes along the way. From there, police say the suspect made his way into the kitchen, where he did some serious property damage, and then proceeded to microwave a fire extinguisher. (Which I'm PRETTY sure isn't microwavable.)

After officers arrived on the scene to assist with the situation, the suspect was located after he broke a glass door.

The suspect, who has not been identified, was taken into custody and is facing multiple charges.

Thankfully, the hotel employee was not seriously injured.

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