Colorado was one of the first states to legalize weed, and now, you can add another thing to the trendsetting legalizing list, psychedelic mushrooms.

Proposition 122 makes psychedelic mushrooms legal in Colorado and allows licensed facilities to give clients mushrooms in a supervised setting.

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This doesn't come without pushback and controversy as proponents for this passing say that with the seriousness of mental health issues in Colorado (and all over the country, for that matter) say that naturally occurring psychedelics that have been used for hundreds of years can significantly help those suffering from mental illness including those with PTSD.

Critics argue that this could lead to easier access and abuse and will only cause more problems.

Laura Owsley, who works in the tourism industry, doesn't seem to think that will be a problem. Here's what she said about it to the Associated Press:

“It didn’t happen with marijuana, and it’s not going to happen with hallucinogens,”


Another supporter offered this vote of confidence toward the passing of Prop 122 to NBC News:

"I'm in awe of what we were able to accomplish," said Veronica Lightning Horse Perez, one of the lead proponents behind the legalization effort. "Over a million people voted yes on this. To think that many people see the value in these medicines, that many people know that these can be used for healing — that's huge."



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