All parents in Colorado want to keep their kids as safe as humanly possible. The last thing any parent would want is to put their child in a dangerous situation unknowingly.

Many parents spend a lot of time researching and analyzing which car seat is the safest and most secure for their child. However, regardless of how much you spend, you could still put your child in danger because of their car seat.

Car Seat Issue in Colorado


CDOT released new and shocking data that 78% of Colorado parents are not safely installing and following the correct protocol regarding their child's car seat.

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CDOT says that they analyzed similar data from 2022 and 2024's statistic has risen eight percent.

Most Common Issues in Colorado

The most common mistakes were loose harnesses, incorrect harness placement, and improper car seats for children's ages and sizes.

CDOT notes that during the summer months, families rely on multiple caretakers and emphasize that all caregivers follow each car seat's instruction manual to ensure the child is always safe.

This is scary. The highest misuse rates are for babies under one year old.

What Colorado Parents Should Do

All parents should refer to their child's car seat manual to ensure that they are installing it properly and that their child fits properly. Not all car seats are the same. So every time you get a new car seat, you should double-check just to be safe.

If you are unsure of the physical instructions you can always search online. There are likely video tutorials as well.

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