Every day that goes by means that Colorado is one day closer to the opening day of the first Buc-ee's location in Johnstown, Colorado. While many of the residents of Colorado have never stepped foot inside a mega-sized gas station, we have all heard the tales of the endless options that this Texas-based gas station chain offers.

Beaver Nuggets, BBQ brisket, and beaver-themed merchandise are just a few of the thousands of items Colorado's first Buc-ee's location will stock. We are so very excited to have a Buc-ee's coming to Colorado.

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Buc-ee's announced it will open its first location in Colorado in February of 2022. Since the announcement, a lot of progress has been made in the construction of the gas station. Being a Johnstown resident, I often drive by the construction site and I am always blown away at the sheer size of this gas station.

Recently, the concrete parking lot has been poured, and the roof that covers the 120 gas pumps is partially in place. While the roof for the gas pumps is not fully complete, you can see how large the fueling station truly is while driving by on Weld County Road 48 or heading southbound on Interstate 25.

To get an even better view, head to the sky and see the full overview of Buc-ee's construction. But how do you do that? Thankfully, your feet can stay firmly planted on the ground as Danny Dodge from Dodge Media Group flew his drone over the Johnstown Buc-ee's to give us a unique, bird's eye view of the mega gas station in Northern Colorado.

The drone video taken on Monday, October 3, 2023, shows the progress with a dramatic Colorado thunderstorm in the background.

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A big thank you Danny Dodge of Dodge Media Group for allowing us to share this stunning footage of the progress of the first Buc-ee's location in the state of Colorado.

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