I am not afraid to admit that I am a tool addict. I love spending time in my garage tinkering, building, and repairing many things. From woodworking, home improvements, and working on my vehicles, the garage is simply my happy place.

Normally, when I need a certain tool, I either buy it straight away or I will save for it if I need it. When it comes to tools, there are so many places you can purchase your tools from. Big box hardware stores, auto parts stores, and pretty much any department store if the tool is basic enough.

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If you have never been to a dedicated tool store, you are going to be like a kid in a candy shop when you eventually go into one. Luckily, there is a store in Colorado that offer just that. Tools. All the tools you can imagine for pretty much any job. Working on your car? They have tools for it. Remodeling your home and need one specific tool and you don't want to wait to have it shipped to you? Chances are, that this tool store is going to have it too.


Tool Zone in Thornton, Colorado

One day when I had some time to myself, I decided it was high time to venture into this store. I have driven by it on Interstate 25 so many times over the years, but never actually stepped foot into the tool store. So I made the trip down to Thornton.

As soon as you get into the parking lot, the big building greets you and lets you know what is inside with different brands on the windows. Tool Zone at 8651 Grant Street was simply amazing as a tool lover. Take a look inside of this awesome tool store in Thornton, Colorado.

This Has to be the Best Tool Store in All of Colorado

If you are a lover of tools, you should certainly check out this Colorado tool store called Tool Zone in Thornton.

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While Tool Zone may have a lot of tools, they simply cannot carry every single tool ever inside this store. There just isn't enough room for them all. However, you can shop a vast inventory of tools online at toolsandsafety.com.

Tool Zone in Thornton isn't the only location in Colorado either. There are two other locations in the state of Colorado. One is located in Denver at 5590 Joliet Street and the other in Colorado Springs at 1316 North Academy Boulevard.

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