Bronco's Fullback Andy Janovich has revealed in a new interview that the "only thing" he spends money on is Busch Light, chew and hunting gear.

Andy Janovich makes enough money to afford a Lamborghini or a Ferrari but he drives a blue 2000 Dodge pickup truck that's covered in dents and rust. In a new interview with ESPN he says that he just "likes to save as much money as possible."


Any Janovich to ESPN:

"I don't need an extra car payment. I'm just cheap. I like to save as much money as possible. About the only things I spend money on are Busch Light, chew and hunting gear. It's plenty for me. It suits me. I mean, the first time I changed the oil on it, I knew right then it was an old farm truck because I opened the hood, and there was just corn all over on the inside."


It's nice to see a Denver Bronco player having fun this season. Things have been a little rough with only 2 wins and Flacco put on the IR for this upcoming week.

Source: ESPN

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