Did you happen to catch the Denver and Minnesota game yesterday? I did. I was confident that the Broncos had turned a major corner and that they finally found their rhythm... Yeah, that didn't happen when the second half came around. The Denver Broncos floundered to keep their 20 to zero lead going into halftime against the Minnesota Vikings.  The Broncos only scored a measly three points in the second half, while the Vikings took home the win by adding 27 points to the board.

Denver Broncos v Minnesota Vikings
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One of the major hits that the Broncos endured was a season-ending injury to Andy Janovich.  The injury occurred near the end of the first half. Janovich received a short, 3-yard pass when he reached for the ground with his right hand. As Janovich was placing his arm down to prepare for the fall, his elbow was dislocated from the socket. The injury was bad enough that the commentators said that they would not be showing the replay of the injury.

Source: 9News

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