Most people tend to think that real estate is a good investment. While that may be true, not all real estate investments are profitable. Much like spending millions of dollars on a quarterback only for the player to be a flop and not make the playoffs. I think you know who we are talking about here.

As Russell Wilson's time with the Denver Broncos came to an end, his Cherry Hills Village mansion was reportedly up for sale. Wilson went so far as to say that it wasn't true and the home wasn't for sale. Yet.

RE Colorado
RE Colorado

When the Denver Broncos opted to get rid of the quarterback, we knew Russell Wilson would be selling his Colorado home. We just didn't know that he would be taking a pretty hefty loss on the gigantic home.

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Wilson purchased the four-bedroom, twelve-bathroom mansion in Cherry Hills Village in April 2022 for a record-setting $25 million. Less than two years later, the home has been sold. According to 9News, Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara, took a seven-figure loss on the sale of the home.

The loss on the sale of the home is quite staggering, but not all that surprising when you look at the current real estate market in Colorado and the current interest rates for mortgages. In total, it appears that Wilson suffered a $3.5 million loss on the sale of the home on March 20, 2024.

When you look at how much Russell Wilson lost on the home, it's just a drop in the bucket for his finances. Especially when the Denver Broncos are still paying him the remainder of his $39 million salary. When you are earning that type of money from a previous employer, a $3.5 million loss on a home doesn't seem to be all that bad.

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