Bring the heat ... or, in this case, don't. 

A new study/forecast has revealed the potential of an alarming climatic reality that millions of people and places all around the nation could face in as soon as the next 30 years.

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The First Street Foundation released its findings from a recent study conducted around extreme heat trends - and how the frequency, duration, and intensity of extremely hot days will change over the next 30 years from a changing climate.

As per the study, a new forecast finds that excessive heat will grow all the way from Texas through Chicago, IL by 2053.

Why those areas? Since there are no cooling effects (like water) in coastal cities, excessive heat is expected to travel directly through the center of the country.

Who - or what's - to blame? Emissions and climate change.

What It Means 

Approximately 107 million people living in the areas mentioned above currently run the risk of having to face heat index temperatures above 125 degrees, hence the name “extreme heat belt”.

Extreme Heat Belt's Impact On Colorado

According to KDVR, although the heat belt isn’t expected to impact Colorado directly or as severely as other states, its impacts will still be felt across the state.

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In fact, the effects of climate change can already be felt in Colorado; as we head out of summer and head into fall, schools across the state have been left with no choice but to enforce early dismissal from classes due to excessive heat conditions.

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Not to mention, this is just one of the effects that climate change and dangerously high weather temperatures have on society. This kind of weather affects everything from personal health, to road infrastructure, agriculture/farming land, and more.

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“We also are expected to experience more frequent hot nighttime temperatures which can be really important, particularly in a place like Colorado where nighttime cool temperatures often offer a relief from extreme heat events”, Nels Bjarke, a Ph.D. student at CU Boulder said in response to the study, according to KDVR.

So, while Colorado might not be at the forefront of this "extreme heat belt," experiencing excessive heat isn't totally out of the cards for us here in the state.

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As such, it's important to take caution while educating yourself about the (very real) effects of climate change; to view the full study around extreme heat trends in America, click here. 

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