Usually, stories of the fabled Sasquatch come from states other than our own colorful Colorado; but not this time.

Tales of Bigfoot have circulated for centuries; many people claim to have seen some sort of half-man, half-ape-like creature lurking in the woods.  While most physical proof of such a creature's existence remains unsubstantiated, that hasn't stopped a local Colorado couple from presenting their own evidence...and founding a museum dedicated to it...and putting plenty of merchandise up for sale.

Take a look at this story from Fox 31 Denver.  Can you see it?

I dunno, maybe I've been binging too hard on The X Files; but I feel like there's gotta be something out in those woods we can't fully explain.

What do you think?  Is Bigfoot real?  Are people just mistaking a different animal for the legendary beast?  Does Harry and the Hendersons still hold up after all these years?  Let us know your thoughts about all these questions in the comments below!

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