Some of the best restaurants in Fort Collins are Italian restaurants and I am not even counting the pizza restaurants. However, most of them serve pizza.  I have chosen my "top five Italian restaurants in Fort Collins".

5. Enzio's Italian Kitchen

Enzios Italian Kitchen
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Enzio's Italian Kitchen is in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins on Mountain Avenue just west of College. You know it's good food because these are the same folks that own Austin's, The Moot House, and Big Al's Burgers and Dogs. They have very traditional dishes like carbonara, Lasagna, and bolognese, but my favorite is probably the frutti di mare. It is spaghetti with shrimp, scallops, and mussels. I always find that great Italian restaurants make great seafood.  You also need to try their thin and crispy Neapolitan pizza.

4. Carrabba's Italian Grill

Carrabba's Italian Grill
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Carrabba's Italian Grill is at 1212 Oakridge Drive, facing Harmony Road. I know what you are thinking, "They are a chain restaurant."  Carrabba's is so much more than that. The restaurant features a scratch kitchen, a brick pizza oven, and their chicken, pork, and beef are cooked over an open flame. Ask me on the right day and Carrabba's is my favorite restaurant. Their Chicken Marsala is to die for.  Also one of my favorites is the bread with olive oil & secret spices.  I have to know what is in those secret spices. It's magical.

3.  Canino's  Italian Restaurant

Canino's Italian Restaurant
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Canino’s Italian Restaurant is 613 South College in Fort Collins in a historic home. It is definitely the most unique restaurant on my list and has amazing ambiance.  They have been in Fort Collins for 30 years and for good reason. The fresh, hand-made pasta is very good. What really makes Canino's special is the experience.

2.  Bisetti's Italian Restaurant

Bisetti's Italian Restaurant
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When you think of a great Italian restaurant in Fort Collins, Bisetti's Italian Restaurant likely comes to mind. They have been an establishment in Old Town for over 35 years.  Bisetti's Italian Restaurant is on College Avenue, just south of Mountain. They topped my list for "Best Calamari in Fort Collins", but they are so much more that just an amazing appetizer. If you like Chicken Parmesan, Bisetti's is the place you need to go. Their harvest squash ravioli is one of their most popular dishes, but I prefer their linguine and clams. It's all good, so order what you like.  You won't be disappointed.

1. Paninos Italian Restaurant

Paninos Italian Restaurant

Paninos Italian Restaurant can be found at 310 West Prospect Rd. (1 block west of College Ave.) It doesn't look like much on the outside (or inside), but don't be fooled.  This Unassuming hole-in-the-wall has amazing food. We have never been disappointed.  They made my list of restaurants "Where I Always Get Great Food". Paninos is known for their Panino sandwich, which is delicious, but I also think they happen to have the best pizza in town. my favorite is the Downtowner Pizza with white sauce.

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