Where is the ideal place to go on a first date in Northern Colorado?

It may or may not be the time to pick a different place to take your dates. A viral list on X, or Twitter, whatever you want to call it, listed 28 places you should never take a date. Personally, I find it pretty ridiculous.

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Wait A Second... Cheesecake Factory?

The Cheesecake Factory on the16th Street Mall
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Yes, Cheesecake Factory was at the top of the list. Personally, I find this ridiculous.

If you think the Cheesecake Factory isn't good enough for a first date, then I am happy to say I am glad that we are not dating. A ton of chain restaurants were also listed. Any fast food chain or restaurant is out of the question, according to this list.

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Okay, I understand not taking a date to order from the value menu from Mcdonald's, but I love #1 margarita night at Applebee's. Steph from Greeley thinks otherwise.

The List Goes Beyond Chains


The list also says that going out for drinks is not enough, additionally anywhere with a long drive or a coffee date.

One on hand, I think this is ridiculous. On another, I do think we should try harder when it comes to planning a first date depending on the person. My girlfriend and I's first date was not anything crazy. We went to get tacos. That is easy and simple.

Am I going to plan a date where I take a carriage ride through Old Town Fort Collins? No. But it isn't a bad idea...

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