The city of Fort Collins has been dealing with a lot of arson cases lately. Just last week, a video of a vehicle being lit on fire went viral and there was not a clear explanation.

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Residents have been on edge. As a resident of Fort Collins, I have been on edge as well. The has been a string of arson attacks and vandalism issues, but thankfully, a suspect was put into custody.

Larimer County Sherriff's Office Released Statement


The Larimer County Sheriff's Office announced that a suspect has been identified and taken into custody.

The suspect in question is looking at these three charges.

  • 1st Degree Arson – Residence – Endanger Life (F3) – two counts
  • 1st Degree Arson – Residence – No Endanger Life (F4)
  • Criminal Mischief - $20,000 - $99,999 (F4)
  • Where These Fort Collins Crimes Happened


    The arson attacks have occurred in the TimberVine and Collins Aire Park neighborhoods. According to the release, the suspect has lit two cars and fire as well as a shed that led to a home catching on fire.

    Cars being lit on fire
    byu/Enough_Steak1687 inFortCollins

    Additionally, the suspect has burned flags throughout the city of Fort Collins.

    The suspect vandalized and set fire to people’s property, and although thankfully no one was hurt, the lasting impact on the affected residents in these neighborhoods cannot be overlooked. The fact that the suspect is now securely in custody brings relief, and we remain dedicated to serving and protecting our community. - Lt. Donnie Robbins

    About The Suspect

    The release says that the suspect is a juvenile and will not have their name.

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