Fort Collins is known for having phenomenal craft beer. The Choice City is Colorado's craft beer capital and is known nationally as well.

There are 24 major breweries in Fort Collins, but unfortunately, there will be only 23 left after this month.

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One of Fort Collins' newest breweries has decided to shut its doors and cease operations entirely.

Envy Brewing in Fort Collins Will Close

Instagram Reel Screenshot, @envybrewing
Instagram Reel Screenshot, @envybrewing

Envy Brewing opened its doors on East Harmony in 2019 thanks to Dana Hood and Joe Morgan. The two come from different backgrounds, but one thing remained the same: their passion for beer.

Hood and Morgan worked in the industry for a long time and created their mark on beer in Colorado.

Envy Brewing will sadly close its doors at the end of February.

Here is a statement from Envy Brewing.

We want to say thank you for supporting us these past five years! Envy Brewing has made it through countless hurtles and it was all thank to our patrons and friends. It's with heavy hearts that we announce our last day of 2/29/2024. Join us for a farewell beer this month and raise a glass to the memories we've brewed together!"

Envy Brewing Reached Out For Help

Last November, Envy Brewing reached out to Northern Colorado on social media asking for patrons to pay a visit.


They emphasized that they opened their doors right when the pandemic hit and that it hurt their launch in a huge way that they never truly recovered from.

We Wish Envy Brewing the Best


Envy hosted a ton of great and fun events in Fort Collins. They hosted live music, fun trivia nights, and charity-driven drives.

We wish the best of luck to the owners and staff in whatever their next venture is.

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