Crime is starting to rise in Fort Collins, Colorado. Recently, Fort Collins was rated the most peaceful city in the nation, but new crime is alarming residents. There is not a clear explanation at the moment, but residents are starting to get worried.

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Some residents have voiced their concerns and are purchasing surveillance cameras to ensure that their homes are safe. If something happens to their home, Fort Collins residents would at least have evidence.

Concerns Going Viral in Northern Colorado

A now-viral post showed a photo of a vehicle on fire in Fort Collins.

Cars being lit on fire
byu/Enough_Steak1687 inFortCollins

According to the person who posted the photo, this was taken recently in Northeast Fort Collins. Specifically by Timberline and Dry Creek.

The user said that this area of Fort Collins has been experiencing various arson attacks as well as vandalism issues.

Other Fort Collins Residents Speak Out

Fort Collins

Users mentioned they were worried about the escalating violence.

I live there, a few homes down, and have chatted with my neighbors about it. The police are involved and doing their best to find the guy but we're all pretty angry, scared and sad at this situation.

I'm putting up one of those driveway cameras at least, lots of us have are putting lights and cameras up to discourage this nonsense and maybe help catch the guy. - natesully33

Other users mentioned that they will be installing surveilence cameras soon. One user said that they would be happy to help install cameras if anybody was having issues.

I also live in this neighborhood, if anyone needs help installing wireless cameras PM me and I’d be happy to help out. - TheFirstFloridaMan

Despite this horrible situation, it is encouraging to see Fort Collins residents come together.

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