Super Bowl 58 is officially set. The San Francisco 49ers are taking on the Kansas City Chiefs in a rematch from four years ago.

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Four years ago, the Chiefs were Super Bowl Champions. All Coloradans should root for the 49ers. Not only because the Kansas City Chiefs are division rivals, but because the San Francisco 49ers have ties to the Denver Broncos and Colorado.

Kyle Shanahan - Colorado Grown

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

In case you can't identify the connection immediately based on the last name, Kyle Shanahan, Head Coach of the 49ers, is the son of legendary Denver Broncos coach Mike Shanahan.

Kyle Shanahan went to Cherry Creek High School and spent most of his life in the Denver metro while his dad was busy winning Super Bowls of his own. While a teenager, Kyle Shanahan would work out during his high school offseason at the Broncos facilities.

Kyle Shanahan's wife is also a Colorado native and they have many family members in Colorado.

Christian McCaffrey - Colorado Grown

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks
Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Christian McCaffrey, who led the NFL in rushing yards this season, was raised in Castle Rock, Colorado. His father, Ed McCaffrey, played for the Denver Broncos.

Christian went to Valor Christian in Highland and was one of the best high school athletes in the history of Colorado.

Christian McCaffrey held the record for the most career touchdowns in Colorado history until late 2023.

After his high school career, Christian McCaffrey went to Stanford for college. He was drafted to the Carolina Panthers and traded to the San Francisco 49ers last season.

Christian McCaffrey is a talented guy outside of football as well. He performed with country artist Zach Bryan last summer at Red Rocks.

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