The turkeys have turned the tables. Normally, we humans are the ones hunting them and making them the main course of our Thanksgiving and other holiday meals but now, it seems if the turkeys are fighting back and tired of living in fear. At least these particular turkeys down in Manitou Springs are done with it.

These days, we all could use a little laugh and this story and video certainly does the trick.

A man was minding his own business heading to have a nice little meal at the local Subway when a couple of "jive turkeys" decided to heckle and harass the man and scare the turkey giblets out of him.

As you can see in the video, the man tried to scare the turkeys away but they weren't having any of it. It seems they had a feeling that he was heading to Subway to get a turkey sandwich and that clearly didn't sit well with them.

YouTube/Viral Hog


Did you see the intensity and the bravery of the turkeys? There was no doubt, they meant business and my question is, did they wait outside for him to finish his meal?

Did they follow him home? Will they be stalking him and if so, will animal control come to the man's rescue? So many questions, so little time but this I do know and this is a stern warning for everyone.

The turkeys are fighting back and we need to be aware and diligent when heading out anywhere these days.

Inflation is making us all cranky these days, turkeys too.

Watch your back yo.


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