Gosh, even five seconds is better than zero seconds.

It's always made me uncomfortable when people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom, especially a public restroom. That has gotten worse in the midst of this pandemic. I remember being at church right before the lockdown and I watched a woman walk out of the stall and straight out the door. I was in the middle of drying my hands and I chased her out of the bathroom. Not to reprimand her, but to catch the door with my foot before it closed and I had to touch it.

Sorry, not sorry.

Apparently she's a part of the 12 percent of people who are still not washing their hands after using the facilities. Apparently this survey was conducted across the pond so our numbers could be better or worse. Please be better.

The good news from this survey is that overall 78 percent of respondents said this pandemic has caused them to wash their hands more frequently. The duration of the scrub has increased too, from 12 seconds to 19 seconds on average. 20 seconds of scrubbing is the ideal amount of time recommended by experts. Many say you can sing "Happy Birthday" twice and you should be good to go.

While only 13 percent said they wash more to avoid catching COVID, participants are more cognizant of germs. 83 percent are washing their hands after coughing, while 85 percent are scrubbing up after sneezing. Overall, I'd say out habits have improved. We just have to work on that bathroom situation.

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