How many of us have sat across the table at a diner waiting for a meal and decided to play a little table top football.  You know the game…where you fold up a piece of paper into a triangle shape and then shove it across the table for points however the most fun was just kicking field goals. Well, now there is an actual league and a chance for you to win $2500 and free burgers for LIFE!

The Finger Football championship has been 23 years in the making and on Jan. 31, just down the street from where the Super Bowl will be played in Indianapolis, one person will be crowned the king of the first-ever White Castle Slider Bowl — earning $2,500 cash and White Castle hamburgers for life.

In 1989, Spud Alford noticed some kids playing the desktop version on television and realized millions of people knew of the concept but wondered why there wasn’t a more “complex” version for adult play. So, Alford sat down with a giant piece of paper and a ruler and created the game that night and as they say, the rest is history; or at least it seems to be.

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