Easter Baskets — What’s in Yours Northern Colorado? [POLL]
A very long time ago I started a tradition that wasn't always easy on the wallet, not only did I put candy in the baskets but little trinkets, then bigger trinkets, then things like shoes, slippers and pajamas. Now as the kids have grown older, yes I still make them baskets, I typically just load th…
Easter — Myths and Cool Facts
Easter looks the same at our house as it does in many households, I would think. Family gathering, ham, eggs and games. We did however introduce a new tradition into our celebration about 5 or 6 years ago, we head to the Y.M.C.A camp in Estes Park. We rent a cabin without a television (yes, there ar…
Ash Wednesday — Let Lent Begin
It's officially 46 days till Easter and consistently warmer weather. It all starts today with Ash Wednesday. The number one thing that will stand out to you today is seeing co-workers with dark marks on their foreheads, a long standing tradition.