It was the greatest honor in her life when Ashley received the award for leadership and excellence for being an outstanding person in the Connections Club, helping the special needs students at Rocky Mountain High School. Now it is my greatest honor to be able to present what they now call the Ashley Award to yet another outstanding high school student.

Ashley Award Presentation at RMHS 2014


Connections Club is a social activities club for students with special needs and typical peers.  The goal of Connections Club is to develop friendships and foster inclusion.

Our group meets during lunch once a week and attends extracurricular activities at RMHS.  We will go to sporting events, music concerts, dances and a few community events.  The activities are determined by the interest of the members and the availability of peers.

There are a few things in life that Ashley loved to do, hang out with her family, dedicate her time to creating a "normal" and healthy life for peers and children with special needs and like most teenagers, take selfies.

Ashley's Favorite Things

I am proud of who she was, what she did while she was here and the magical impact on her peers and everyone that met her.

Thank you Rocky Mountain High School for continuing her legacy of greatness. For keeping her and her mission alive.

Everyone needs a passion in life....