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How to Strike a Match on a Window [VIDEO]
Say your car runs out of gas in the middle of the Colorado wilderness.  You have matches, but you accidentally drop the box in the snow and it's soaking wet!  How can you strike those matches and keep warm?
How to Replace Lost Collar Stays [PICTURES]
It seems like every time I grab a dress shirt out of the closet to wear, I then have to scour my closet and drawers for missing collar stays.  What a pain!  Well, from now on, I'm making my own; and you can too.  It's super easy!
How to Keep Your Cookies Soft
Sure, cookies in general are delicious, but soft-baked always kicks them up a notch. So how do you keep those soft-baked cookies soft? Try this...
10 Life Hacks for Summer
Summer doesn't have to be all sticky fingers and screaming in outrage at overly buoyant straws. It turns out it's actually quite easy to enjoy the best season of the year -- all you need are these few simple life hacks. (And to man up and increase your tolerance for high temperatures.)
How to Build Your Own Mouse Trap
I've lived in Colorado all my life; and I'm pretty sure I've had some sort of run-in with rodents at least a couple times a year for my whole life. And sometimes those varmints can make their way into our homes. It's just a fact of life. So here's one of the more creative…
How to Use Crayons as an Emergency Light Source
What do you do if one of these Summer thunderstorms knocks out your power? Reach for a flashlight, of course! But, oh no! Your kids ran down the batteries playing "flashlight tag" last month, and didn't tell you! So now what do you do?

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